Rules & Awards

All Long Day's Night races will be governed by the OUSA Rules of Competition, including the specific rules applicable to the Night-O Championships, UltraLong Championships and the Middle Distance race format. Note that whistles are required to be carried by all competitors.


All regular OUSA courses/age classes will be offered and will receive awards. OUSA championship medals will be awarded for the Night-O and UltraLong Championships. There will also be non-championship awards for the middle distance and for non-championship-eligible top finishers in the Night-O and UltraLong. Current OUSA
membership is one of the conditions required for championship eligibility (Night-O and UltraLong); see the OUSA membership page for information. Middle distance awards do not require OUSA membership.

But are you the fastest overall navigator - at night, over shorter distances, and over longer ones? For the Long Day's Night Challenge awards, combined results for all three races in the Long Day's Night will be calculated per course type (White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Red, Blue) with awards for the top 3 in each. A competitors total Challenge score will be the sum of their three age class placements. Open categories (e.g. M-Red) will not be included, and a runner may not be "running down". Classes with fewer than five competitors will be combined with an adjacent class if necessary (e.g. M85+ with M80+, or both with M75+ until the combined class has at least five participants for the race under consideration). Scoring will be cross-country style - lowest total wins, second lowest total is second, third lowest total takes third. Ties, should any occur, will be broken based on average speed over the total three race distance.

Example: an F20 running green finishes 4th, 2nd, and 3rd in her age class. Her score is 4 + 2 + 3 = 9. An M18, also running green, comes 1st, 3rd and 6th.  His score is 1 + 3 + 6 = 10 so he finishes behind the F20 in
the Green course section of the Long Day's Night Challenge.

And last, just to sweeten the pot a bit, randomly awarded prizes will be given to those present at the Awards ceremony. OUSA membership is not required for either randomly awarded prizes or the overall, three-race Long Day's Night Challenge awards.

Embargo (details)
For the sake of competitive fairness and in accordance with OUSA rules, the three race venues are embargoed until the competition, i.e. people wishing to retain eligibility for competitive awards may not visit these parks before the event.
However, it is permitted to ride or run on the mountain bike trails within Fountainhead Regional Park as long as one stays on marked mountain bike trails and does not carry an orienteering or adventure race map. Keep in mind that mountain bikers always have the right of way on designated mountain bike trails and that since these are not mixed use trails foot traffic is both unexpected and discouraged. The safest thing to do if you must follow the trails on foot is to follow them at arm's length. i.e walk beside the trail. This exception to the general embargo is in place due to popularity of this trail network with local mountain bikers and adventure racers who may wish to compete in this event. We are confident these riders are not gaining any meaningful advantage from their trail rides not obtainable through study of the Fountainhead preview maps and running the model event, as well as the very similar terrain for the middle distance event at Hemlock Overlook.

Note: a map of the mountain bike trail network can be found here. The map is not quite up to date - the trail network has been extended somewhat to the south of the southeasternmost trails depicted. However, that furthest part of the
trail network is still a single continuous loop and doesn't intersect any mixed use trails in the newly built section. Provided one doesn't leave the cycling trail, there should be no danger of getting lost.

Out Run