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A list of registered participants - and all assigned Start Times - can be viewed here.

Questions for our registrar, Valerie Meyer? Click here.


                Adult Junior
 Early (before Oct 1) $28 per race ($32 for UltraLong)   $14 per race ($16 for UltraLong)
 Standard (Oct. 1 - Oct. 21) $35 per race ($39 for UltraLong) $17 per race ($19 for UltraLong)
 Late (Oct. 22 - Nov. 7) $42 per race ($46 for UltraLong) $20 per race ($22 for UltraLong)
 Three race package discount $10 $5
 OUSA member discount** $4 per race $2 per race

*Junior = born in 1994 or later (i.e., age 20 or younger as of 12/31/2014).
*The OUSA member discount is also offered to confirmed members of other IOF organizations

Refund policy
100% refund before Oct.1 .
50% refund before Oct. 22.
No refunds thereafter.

The SportIdent (SI) electronic timing system will be used.  Participants may use their own SI card or rent one when they register.

SI card rental: $2.00 per day
Replacement fee for lost SI card: $40.

Model events
A free model event will be offered for the Night-O at Oregon Ridge Park on Friday from 1300.

A free model event will be offered for the Middle and UltraLong at Fountainhead Regional Park on Saturday morning from 0900 to 1200.

Preview maps
Free preview maps are available online - links are on the Maps and Courses page.

Recreational courses
A recreational white course will be offered on Saturday (starts 1300-1400) and Sunday (starts 0945-1200) only. This will cost $5 per map plus $2 per additional map desired by a start group.

Child Care
Child care will be available during the following periods:
Friday: 1700-2200
Saturday: 1130-1630
Sunday: 0800-1430

The cost will be $5/hour/child, with a $10 deposit required in advance per day.

Child care will only be offered if we receive your request and deposit before meet registration closes on November 7. We will make every effort to accommodate parents with split start times, if requested, for the night-O on Friday and the middle distance on Saturday, though it should be noted the start window for the Night-O is likely to be short enough to make it dicy whether an early-starting competitor would necessarily be able to finish before the end of the start window.  Please indicate the number and ages of the children when you register.  Please provide warm clothes, toys and snacks for your children.  Child care will be provided on-site at or near the finish area each day.

Souvenir item

Long Days Night Sport Bag
Available now when you register for one or more Long Day's Night events, the sports bag you've been waiting for!

This bag is made of 600denier polyester, measures about 12 x 13 x 20 inches, and has a large zippered exterior and interior pockets, in addition to woven handles with a padded cover and a detachable shoulder strap.

But what really caught our attention was the ventilated interior storage section, accessible from one zippered side pocket and extending into the main compartment, like a bag within a bag. Items put in this "kangaroo pouch" do not come in touch with whatever you have in the main storage area of this bag ... it's brilliant! The pouch is big enough to put both of your wet shoes in, with room left over from some stinky clothes - and they won't be in contact with all the goodies you've got in the rest of the space in the main compartment. We highly recommend this bag.

Similar bags sell for $30 - $40, but the cost to Long Day's Night participants is just $25. Make sure to order before Oct. 22; orders placed after then will be filled only until supply runs out (but of course we will refund your $25 if you don't get a bag). Delivery of all bags will be at the event.